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Our background has provided us with the essentials to fulfill the requirements needed to meet your project product demands. Our experience has educated us in the wide range of building materials, codes/regulations, and design. We are goal driven and are able to manage, i.e. advise those seeking personal assistance/guidance. We stand behind our work and are certain that SIGNS by Emerald Designs will contribute to your community success in signage design.

Remarkable Design Revitalization: How design impacts a community.
Customized design is the element that unites your branding, way finding, and history together in a way that engages site users’ pride and empowers the institution as a community, which instills confidence and goodwill. With a strong first impression supported by signage, you can keep your team’s morale and satisfaction high.

With strong communication, organizational and management skills, we are positive that all expectations will be met, as SIGNS by Emerald Designs will provide a valuable asset to the business. These accomplishments are derived from our exceptional, interpersonal and communication skills, strong attention to detail and superior work ethics.

We are enthusiastic about exploring new design opportunities and look forward to meeting with you. Please contact us to answer any questions at your convenience.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Joseph Menda


Joseph brings 20 years of experience to the signage industry and is well versed in project management solutions. His valuable leadership experience successfully conveys core design processes from beginning to end, ensuring that all parameters of the project developments are being delivered to the highest standards.

This team leader professionally demonstrates quality service through extensive communications, marketing and strategic design solutions. His high-quality service and integrity to detail derives from 22 years of corporate event management, POS system operations, cost analysis and diverse product knowledge. Joseph is responsible for securing quality assurance and quality control.

  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Initial Consultation
  • Research and Analysis
  • Contractor Reviews
  • Estimating and Invoicing
  • Final Inspections and Sign-offs
  • Code Compliance

Signs by Emerald Designs specializes in managing all the signage and service needs critical to your project requirements. This includes ADA signage, way-finding signage, vinyl graphics, wall wraps, window film, floor decals, warning and safety signage, evacuation maps, banners, vehicle designs, architectural signage solutions, monument signs, and more.

Call us at 754-204-2169

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